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Product description:
The Stationary Applicator Valve is a robust dispensing valve designed for pressure-time applications. This valve is a modular design comprising a valve body and a pneumatic valve actuator, providing quick on-line serviceability. It also incorporates an adjustable suck-back feature which prevents dripping or stringing. The Stationary Applicator Valve 97113 is fitted with a 1/4 '' tube fitting for viscosities up to 10,000 mPas; model 97114 is fitted with 3/8 '' tube fitting for higher viscosities. The dispensing valve has a double-acting pneumatic actuator with spring assisted close. Separatre adjustment of the two throttle valves achieves adjustable opening and closing speed for process control. These valves can be used in stationary mounted applications or in combination with an advancing slide. Further information on the product can be obtained from the local technical department:

Recommended products:
Acrylics, anaerobic adhesives, gel-type cyanoacrylates and light curable adhesives

  • Robust, seal-less dispensing valve
  • Modular design of product shutoff valve & actuator provides on-line serviceaility
  • Fail safe - spring assisted close
  • Adjustable suck-back feature eliminates product dripping and stringing
  • Double-acting cylinder allows adjustable opening and closing speed for process control

  • Weight: 340 g
  • Product Pressure: max 12,5 bar (180 psi)
  • Product Outlet: 1/4 '' - 26 UNF Luer-Lock output fitting
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 180 x 64 x 35 mm
  • Air input: min 4 bar (60 psi), filtered to a max. of 10 µm
  • Asortyment