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Teroson EP 5020 TR-50 ml (Zamiennik cyny lutowniczej)

Teroson EP 5020 TR-50 ml (Zamiennik cyny lutowniczej) (IDH.2563339)

Teroson EP 5020 TR-50 ml (Zamiennik cyny lutowniczej)


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Product description:
TEROSON EP 5020 TR is a solvent free, two component, high strength levelling compound based on Epoxy Resins with low density. By heating up both components the chemical reaction will accelerate. TEROSON EP 5020 TR has been specially developed for body rework and for rebuilding of car body metal surfaces to substitute traditional tin soldering. It is free of isocyanate, silicones and lead. The product has no shrinkage and is excellent for grinding. TEROSON EP 5020 TR shows no sagging and has very good reshaping properties. TEROSON EP 5020 TR is sandable after ~2.5 hours at 23°C.

Directions for use:
During the storage time and shipment a crystallization of the resin may occur. By heating the adhesive above 60 °C for about 60 minutes this physical process is reversible. All properties stay afterwards on the same level. It is recommended that the adhesive should be used with a minimum temperature of 15 °C. TEROSON EP 5020 TR is processed from universal cartridges with manual application tools (guns driven by hand, air pressure or battery). Only use cartridge pistols that are equipped with a piston rod. Insert the cartridge into a suitable application gun. Apply pressure to the cartridge to ensure a simultaneous and homogeneous flow of both components. Thereafter, clean the tip and attach the static mixer. To ensure proper mixing, discard the first approx. 5 cm of the adhesive bead. If material is left in the cartridge leave the static mixer attached. For further use of the product, simply remove the mixer and install a new one. Apply the levelling compound onto the repair area in a way that the area is sufficiently filled with excessive material (between 3 and max. 5 mm). After curing excessive material is sanded back and sanding residues are removed. Maximum recommended layer thickness before varnish application is 3 mm. Thereafter clean the sanded parts with TEROSON VR 10 . Further treatment (e.g. filling or painting) is executed according to the directions of the manufacturer. The use of body filler (TEROSON UP 210) is required. The use of BONDERITE M-NT 1455-W for bare metal is recommended after sanding before the body filler is applied. The material is not designed to be used on large repair areas at buses and coaches like side panels and roofs.

  • Frost sensitive : conditionally
  • Recommended storage temperature : 15 to 35 °C
  • Shelf life : 12 months in original packaging

  • Colour : grey
  • Odour : no smell after curing
  • Processing time (23°C, 50% rh): ~10 min
  • Sandable : 3 mm layer thickness (23°C, 50% rh):
  • after ~2.5 hrs
  • Density (cured) : approx. 0.8 g/cm³

    Full technical information can be found in the technical data sheet
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